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Custom Made Night Guards in Herndon

Prevent Damage from Teeth Grinding

If you’re someone who grinds their teeth in their sleep, you know it can be painful when you wake up in the morning.

But did you also know teeth grinding, if left untreated, can cause damage to your teeth and jaw? At Trü Orthodontics, we offer custom-made night guards in Herndon protect your teeth from the stress caused by grinding.

Night Guards Overview

When you grind your teeth, also called bruxism, it can cause severe damage to the enamel. Night guards protect your teeth, but also improve symptoms such as a sore jaw and headache caused by grinding.


Night guards provide relief for:


Teeth grinding

Jaw clenching

How Custom Night Guards Work

Night guards work to ease symptoms by providing a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth. This barrier prevents direct contact between the teeth, thereby reducing the wear and tear caused by grinding and clenching. They are usually made from a durable, yet comfortable material, such as acrylic or a soft plastic, and are custom-fitted to the your mouth for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Over and above alleviating discomfort associated with bruxism, night guards can also promote better sleep patterns by reducing the discomfort and disturbances caused by teeth grinding.

What to Expect

Your visit to Trü Orthodontics will start with an examination by one of our orthodontists in Herndon to assess your teeth and gather relevant medical history. This examination helps us to tailor the night guard to your specific needs. We use our advanced iTero digital scanning technology to provide an accurate map of your teeth and gums, ensuring that the night guard fits perfectly and comfortably. Once the digital scan is complete, the night guard is 3D printed onsite. This technology ensures that the night guard is custom-made for a perfect fit, enhancing comfort and effectiveness.

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Why Choose Trü for Night Guards in Herndon?

Advanced Technology

We ensure a perfect fit with our 3D iTero scanning technology, which perfectly maps out your teeth.

Compassionate Care

The orthodontic experts at Trü take great pride in offering compassionate, skillful care to each of our patients.

Personalized Approach

We know that your teeth are unique, so we always offer custom solutions to your orthodontic needs.

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