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Night Guards

At Trü Orthodontics, we offer custom-made night guards in Herndon protect your teeth from the stress caused by grinding.

Adult Braces

At Trü Orthodontics, we offer traditional metal adult braces in Herndon, or more discreet options like Invisalign® and Trü Clear Aligners to meet your orthodontic needs.

Teen Braces

At Trü Orthodontics, we make it a priority to find simple orthodontic solutions that work for you and your teen—so beautiful smiles and healthy habits are one less thing you have to worry about.

Early Orthodontics

When you visit us for pediatric orthodontics in Herndon, you can help your child avoid longer treatment later on.

Hidden Braces

We offer "invisible" lingual braces in Herndon. This teeth alignment method offers the exact same results as other methods, but instead of being on the outside of the teeth, we customize them to fit along the inside!

Orthodontist showing a patient her retainers in Herndon, VA


In Herndon, Trü Orthodontics offers affordable, convenient retainers to keep your teeth where you want them!


Invisalign offers you the opportunity to get a smile you adore without the hassle and change in your appearance associated with traditional metal braces.

Orthodontist fitting clear aligners in Herndon on a patient.

Trü Clear Aligners

We are the only place in the Northern Virginia area that offers Trü Clear Aligners. You'll love this innovative and convenient teeth straightening method!