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“InBrace” Hidden Braces for a Visible Difference

Braces Made Different

At Trü Orthodontics, we prioritize our patients’ comfort and results.

At the heart of Trü Orthodontics lies our commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology and innovative treatment approaches. We proudly offer “invisible” lingual braces in Herndon, a revolutionary approach to straightening teeth. Unlike traditional braces that sit on the front of your teeth, these are expertly customized to fit discreetly along the inside, offering the same effective results with an invisible appearance. This approach ensures that our patients receive both aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient orthodontic care.

Lingual Braces Overview

If you want a straighter smile and more comfortable bite, but don’t want to draw attention to the treatment, InBrace lingual braces in Herndon might be the best option for you! Our orthodontic experts are able to place these braces on the inside of the teeth instead of the outside, to keep you comfortable and confident during the straightening process!


We use InBrace lingual braces to treat a variety of alignment issues, including:



Open bite

Cross bite

Crowded teeth

Spaced teeth

Generally crooked teeth

How Lingual Braces Work

Lingual braces work in the same exact way that traditional braces work, by gradually shifting the teeth into alignment via metal wires. However, for most patients, lingual braces require only three wire adjustments for the entire treatment.

What to Expect

When you visit us for lingual braces in Herndon, we create a personalized treatment plan to meet your desired results! You’ll visit us about 3 times to ensure the success of the treatment.

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Why Choose Trü for Lingual Braces in Herndon?

Expert Care

Our board-certified orthodontists at 4 conveniently located practices offer our patients compassionate and skillful care.

Innovative Technology

Our patients receive advanced 3D scanning instead of old-fashioned mold-taking to ensure a flawless fit for lingual braces.

Orthodontic Partners for Life

When you choose Trü Orthodontics, you’re getting a lifetime partner for you and your family’s orthodontic needs!

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