Replacement Retainer in Virginia

Be Prepared and Save Money

Get Peace of Mind With Our Retainer Assurance Program

Retainers are essential to maintaining your results from braces and aligners. They are also pretty easy to lose—and expensive to replace! With a one-time cost to enroll in our Retainer Assurance Program, you have access to unlimited replacement retainers for a fraction of the cost.

How the Retainer Assurance Program Works

Enrolling in Retainer Assurance Program involves a one-time payment (that can be financed during treatment for up to 24 months). Once enrolled, you may purchase unlimited retainers at a discounted cost.

As a bonus, a lower fixed retainer may be chosen at no additional cost (a $375 value)! Any repairs to the fixed retainer are discounted as well.

Don’t Miss Out On Savings

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