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Invisalign® in Herndon

Discreet, Effective Teeth Straightening

If you’re looking for low-profile teeth aligners, Trü Orthodontics is the premier destination for Invisalign® in Herndon!

Invisalign offers you the opportunity to get a smile you adore without the hassle and change in your appearance associated with traditional metal braces.

Invisalign® Overview

While there are pros and cons to both traditional braces and clear aligners, many patients opt for the less visible alternative to metal braces! This method uses a series of plastic retainer-like trays perfectly molded to your teeth to slowly adjust your smile.


We use Invisalign to address a variety of orthodontic concerns, including:

Crooked teeth

Crowned teeth

Gapped & spaced teeth


How Invisalign® Works

Invisalign works in much the same way as traditional braces! Although the material of the aligners are different, Invisalign functions by gradually shifting your teeth to the desired alignment.

What to Expect

First, we’ll take a highly accurate digital impression of your teeth. Then, we’ll create a series of uniquely crafted aligners designed to slowly adjust the placement of your teeth. Over the course of the treatment, you’ll meet regularly with your provider to ensure the success of the treatment plan!

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Why Choose Trü for Invisalign in Herndon?

Accessible Orthodontics

With our board-certified orthodontists and 4 conveniently located practices, it’s easy to obtain the friendly, effective orthodontic care you deserve!

Advanced Technology

Our patients receive advanced 3D scanning instead of old-fashioned mold-taking to ensure a flawless fit for your custom Invisalign® aligners.

Building Real Relationships

When you choose Trü Orthodontics, your family gets a lifetime partner along your smile journeys. We truly take the time to know you and your preferences.

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